Vladimir Kush >>> Metaphorical Surrealism

Welcome to the world of Vladimir Kush, where myth, metaphor and poetry combine in new forms. Through the juxtaposition of previously unrelated objects and the exploration of different viewpoints, the Vladimir Kush’s work makes reference to deeper meanings and metaphors, while still maintaining its realistic approach to representation, a style Kush refers to as Metaphorical Realism.


  1. Dany wrote:

    Omg is freaking beautiful, really I love it 🙂 !!!!

  2. Name * wrote:

    nice drawings

  3. Name * wrote:

    max Landa uit hoeven is cool

  4. Reham wrote:

    gr8 ! 🙂 hope 2 b a Surrealism artist !

  5. Name * wrote:

    I am speechless right now. The beauty takes my breath away.

  6. Name * wrote:

    Ah-mazing!!!! 😀

  7. Name * wrote:

    you are now my favourite artist love your work

  8. Julis Suryadi wrote:

    so creative, amazing job!! really love your work!!
    Keep This Great work!

  9. Dave Martsolf wrote:

    Hello Spirit Spider, I would like to offer your visitors another aspect of surrealism with my work. If you like it I would be happy to give you whatever you need for your web site. You can review imagery either at my own web site or at http://davemartsolfsurrealist.blogspot.com/ Google my name for many other links to a different type of surrealism. Thanks, Dave Martsolf

  10. beautiful work.

  11. Name * wrote:


  12. Michael wrote:

    Absolutely beautiful

  13. Sophie wrote:

    I’ve got to say as a real appreciator of art and a part-time artist myself, these ideas are absolutely wonderful! I am a big lover of surrealism and find all this beautiful!!!!! <3<3<3<3 =D

  14. Katie wrote:

    What is the one with the hot air balloon and the clouds called?

  15. Katie wrote:

    What is the one with the hot air balloon and the clouds called?

  16. Abbey wrote:

    these paintings absolutely took my breath away 🙂

  17. Name * wrote:

    Absolutely adore all of this pictures.

  18. dylan r c wrote:

    Wow, i hope 2 b as gud as this in the future

  19. binita wrote:

    An endless dream which is realy unspeakeble

  20. Erin wrote:

    Wow, truly breathtaking!

  21. Name * wrote:

    Can I paint one of them just to hang on my wall???? So Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!1

  22. Name * wrote:

    wow this art is amazing great work would love to see more very inspirational

  23. Name * wrote:

    wow this art is amazing great work would love to see more very inspirational

  24. Name * wrote:

    I really liek your pictres can u draw 1 4 me plz vladermire <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  25. Name * wrote:

    so cool! wish i could do this!

  26. Name * wrote:


  27. Name * wrote:

    I really love these pictures!!

  28. charmine wrote:

    so amazing

  29. Name * wrote:

    the paintings are very_________-

    hmmff ——— eXTAORDINARY!

  30. dane :-) wrote:

    what a painting !!!
    very impressive !!!!
    like it so much !!!

  31. super amazing paintings !!!
    very nice !!!
    i’m super duper impressed !!!

  32. what a talent of the painter!!!!
    the metaphysical realities are perfectly there !!!


    <3 love itttttttt much !!!

  33. Name * wrote:

    nice one!!!love 8..sooooooo amazing!!

  34. STEPHANIE wrote:


  35. Name * wrote:

    Awesome! When where these painted?

  36. Name * wrote:


  37. Name * wrote:

    Creative work

  38. Name wrote:

    these are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Belle wrote:

    Just had to study surrealism at school and realised that it is actually so beautiful by looking at these creations! Absolutely stunning and oh so dreamy!

  40. that guy wrote:

    that awesome

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  42. Lexi wrote:

    Infringement and copyright are federal crimes. I hope you aren’t actually taking credit for these incredible masterpieces that these ridiculously ignorant people believe are yours.

  43. Name * wrote:


  44. Name * wrote:

    I could do better.from salvadordali

  45. Name * wrote:


  46. Zaheer wrote:

    Amazing made me cry